WOLFPACK UNLEASHED - Anthems Of Resistance

Wolfpack Unleashed - Anthems Of Resistance

10 songs
46:51 minutes
***** ***


Austrian metal band Wolfpack Unleashed was formed in 2005 by two former Darkfall members. Their first demo CD The Art Of Resistance received so many positive reviews that the band was soon enough signed and released shortly afterwards their debut CD Anthems Of Resistance which contains all the demo tracks plus the new Disgrace Erased. Those who own the demo CD can still purchase the new version which has a more dynamic sound thanks to the new and improved mastering.

The cover artwork is a bit misleading, and it was hard to imagine Wolfpack Unleashed as an old school thrash metal band strongly influenced by Bay Area legends like early Metallica, Exodus and Testament. This band is keeping the original spirit of thrash metal and doesn’t give a damn about modern influences like nu metal and metalcore. GŁnter Wirth isn’t the best metal singer, but it’s quite charming how close to James Hetfield his vocals are sounding. The guitarist amazes with stunning riffs, the rhythm section does a more than decent job. All of this help the final product to kindle nostalgic feelings in your metal heart.

Anthems Of Resistance shows what thrash metal is supposed to be. The songwriting is quite diverse: there are songs (Last Dance Of A Dying King, Warzone) that wouldn’t cause too much disturbance on a mid-Eighties Metallica album. Religion Of Control surprises with an oriental sounding intro before gaining extreme speed. Next Victim starts with death metal growls before turning into a thrash metal bomb packed with killer riffs. To Challenge Death is a classic metal hymn that could become a fan favourite, and mid-tempo adepts might prefer Killing Fields and Wolfpack Unleashed.

Thrash metal revival acts are always welcome with me. Even if Wolfpack Unleashed don’t play yet in the same league as After All and Abandoned, it’s nevertheless a pleasure listening to music sounding like old-time classics.

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