WOLKE - Ich will mich befreien

Wolke - Ich will mich befreien

5 songs
18:41 minutes
***** ***


Wolke are a German indie minimal pop duo which has released to good albums (Susenky, Möbelstück). Ich will mich befreien is an EP which originally was only supposed to be sold on tour, but then the band decided otherwise: a good choice, because the EP contains five cover versions of famous songs translated into German.

The album starts with the title song, the German version of Queen’s I Want To Break Free. Everyone familiar with the original pomp rock song will be surprised by the simple but original way Wolke arranged this track with nothing else but a piano, bass and a unobtrusive drum beat. The surprise works alike with Ich will mit jemandem tanzen. Whitney Houston’s disco hit from the Eighties, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, gets a much sadder mood which I couldn’t have imagined on this song. Um die Welt rum was originally Around The World performed by French electro stars Daft Punk. While their version was seven minutes long, Wolke have transformed it into a three minutes tune based on a xylophone beat. Another well known track is Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O’Mine, or Mein süßes Kind in German. Although the instrumentation is again rather spartan, it’s easy to recognise the Californian poser kings’ hit, even if Wolke are not using any guitars. The last track In Ewigkeit is a cover of German dance band Snap, and also the only song I’m not familiar with, but Wolke’s version is working well into the EP’s unusual idea.

Ich will mich befreien has a funny concept although Wolke are always sounding a bit sad and bored, on CD as well as on stage. First of all, the intended, nearly exact word-to-word translation of the English original lyrics is sounding unusual, a bit clumsy and absolutely fake. Then the totally different instrumentation (piano, bass, beat box) from the originals is another reason why this EP should be discovered.

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