WONDERFUL WANKERZ - Smith Enjoys A Full Bush

Wonderful Wankerz - Smith Enjoys A Full Bush

10 songs
38:39 minutes
***** ***
Well Dressed


What happens when two lo-fi artists get together to create a new project? This important question is finally solved with the advent of the Wonderful Wankerz. Consisting of the people behind the Agrarians and Krestovsky, the Wonderful Wankerz play some of the finest lo-fi indie rock since the early days of Guided By Voices, although they have also different sides. There are two longer tracks on the album which show the band from their more progressive and psychedelic moods. The opener Sweet Judy: Black Eye starts out really weird before its second half sounds like a King Crimson basement tape with Robert Fripp truly acting out on the guitar. The title track on the other hand has a more freewheeling spirit, like Amon Düül II did on their sprawling improvisations in the early Seventies. Weatherman is such a great pop song that even Robert Pollard couldn’t have written better, and Lost On The Rock Of Gibraltar is another one of those unpolished gems that should wet the eyes of every self-respecting lo-fi fan.

Of course at times it’s a hit-and-miss situation, especially towards the end (White Sweat seems to be going nowhere), but every they hit, they hit it really hard, and that makes Smith Enjoys A Full Bush even better than the albums of their regular bands. It’s a best of both worlds situation: The Agrarians generally have better vocals, and Krestovsky better arrangements. Here it adds up to something bigger than the sum of its parts, becoming an interesting addition for every lo-fi indie rock collection.

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