WORRYTRAIN - Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom

Worrytrain - Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom

15 songs
59:07 minutes
***** *


Heady stuff from Own Records coming up! Worrytrain aka Joshua Neil Geissler is this kind of solo artist who plays a lot of different instruments, sending them through many effects and mixing it together into a mind-boggling ensemble. Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom is Worrytrain’s fourth album, and it tickles the brain with fifteen miniatures that owe as much to experimental classical music as to movie soundtracks, which is why it shouldn’t surprise that Mr Geissler is also active in cinematography composition.

Main instruments are the piano and the cello, although you get to hear also string sections and probably some further unlisted gear. The use of effects and the very special production put this release into the territory of electro-acoustic music. Most tracks have no apparent rhythm, and if you allow yourself to close your eyes, you will see how Worrytrain’s music is paining pictures inside your closed eyelids.

Most of the time, the album is pervaded by quiet melancholy, even despair, but occasionally the artists allows infernal noises to awake the listener from his slumber. Only towards the end, the songs are sometimes a little longer, although most of them average about three minutes, with only one track nearly nine minutes long. And that’s where I have my main problem with Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom. Although every track is infused with inherent fragile beauty, the relative shortness of the tracks makes it hard to really drown in the songs. Unlike the more elegiac post rock bands like A Silver Mt Zion, to which Worrytrain is sometimes likened, you get on this hour long record only glimpses, like snapshots of a bigger picture. Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom certainly has its charms, but its overall disjointed quality makes it hard to find the patience to find them all.

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