Wry Experience - Wemale

12 songs
33:22 minutes
***** **


Founded in the obscure village Tuntange (the hometown of the infamous Rock d’ChrŽschtkendchen festival), Wry Experience consist of a bunch of young and talented people, two of whom have gathered fame of a sort in bands like Jay’s Pub and Lincoln Hawk. Less folk then the former and less abrasive than the latter, WE – as the bands likes to abbreviate its name – are a true bred funk rock band. The ten songs (plus a quirky instrumental and a bizarre outro) don’t run much longer than half an hour, and that’s a blessing for this debut album. Not that WE are a bad band, but at times their songwriting ideas don’t yet match their undisputed musical skills, making Wemale sound at times a bit cumbersome.

The production, in the hands of Holy National Victims guitarist Charel Stoltz, is faultless like expected, but also somehow steers the band in a very HNV sounding territory whenever the guitars take over. The additional use of a percussionist, next to the regular drummer, makes for some nicely unexpected rhythm patterns, at times making WE sound like the samba kings of funk. Especially the first half of the album collects the really good songs. The dirty vocals are fittingly underlined by funky guitar licks and a self-confident rhythm section. The short instrumental Hyperactive Man even nods at Primus. Apart from that, it’s an interesting if not really novel mix of Seventies influenced sweat rock and slick funk music, reminding me sometimes of Lenny Kravitz. Apart from the really school boy sounding choir on the otherwise cool Lady Bazooka, Wemale is a pleasantly done debut by a still young band which walks a path as yet unexplored by Luxembourgish bands. If they find a little more confidence with their songwriting in the future, they have a bright future ahead.

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