WUOALFÄNGER - Kehrmaschine

Wuoalfänger - Kehrmaschine

2 songs
9:29 minutes
***** ***


Wuoalfänger is a side project by two musicians of Graf Zahl founded about six years ago. Their first 7"-EP contains two beautiful lo-fi songs which may be compared to Yo La Tengo or The Wedding Present. The A-side Kehrmaschine is a calm and sad song about road sweepers. The nearly spoken word vocals don’t match the distorted noisy guitars, but this seems to make the charm of this song. The B-side is called Auberginer and is about a man eating rotten aubergines. Again, noisy guitars are meeting vocals that don't hit a single note. Wuoalfänger will not be easy listening for the big masses, but this vinyl EP is anyway limited to 500 copies only.

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