WURDULAK - Ceremony In Flames

Wurdulak - Ceremony In Flames

8 songs
39:22 minutes
***** ****
Baphomet / Suburban

Wurdulak is more or less the same people that you can find on the latest Gorelord release, except that where Gorelord can be considered Frediabloís solo project, Wurdulak is more of a real band, or should we say project. Now you can ask the legitimate question: why should the same people play in two different bands? The answer is easy: because itís two totally different things. Where Gorelord tries to be as raw, brutal and primitive as possible, Wurdulak have a more mature approach. The band is playing old school death metal, metal so old school that nobody even made a difference between thrash, black and death metal. The main influences I can hear are very old Celtic Frost and early black metal bands like Darkthrone and Immortal. Especially the shrieked vocals and the icecold guitars remind of Norwegian metal. The doomy-groovy rhythms then again transform this album into a hybrid that is both old school and original at the same time. Itís hard to say if there are any memorable songs (thereís anyway only a couple of thrash songs I sing in the shower), but itís just pure fun listening to this album. The songs have an average length of 5 minutes, which means in this context that Wurdulak take time to develop structures.

All in all a nearly perfect album, except that the cover artwork is grotesque. Of course bands need to explore new frontiers, and try to see how far they can go, and when Linda Blair screamed "Fuck me Jesus", it was something very moving considering the context of the movie or book. But raping a nun with a 6 feet high wooden cross, just to be more outrageous than every other black metal band, is ridiculous. If you want to know how you can upset uptight Christians, go to Landover Baptist, because they humiliate Christians with style!

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