XANDRIA - Kill The Sun

Xandria - Kill The Sun

10 songs
40:00 minutes
***** *


I wonder if Xandria is a suitable name for a gothic metal band, considering that there is a company in San Francisco with the same name selling all kinds of sex toys. But let's get back to Xandria, the band. This German newcomer band was founded in Bielefeld in 2001, and Kill The Sun is their debut CD. My first complaint about Xandria is that they don't try to step into unexplored fields of gothic music, but try to create a sound very close to more popular bands like Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation or The Gathering. The songs are very atmospheric and underlined with an emotional keyboard sound, but they still show huge lacks of originality. The singer Lisa isn't sounding too bad for a debut, but there are still possibilities left to work on her sometimes fragile sounding voice. The different songs are very melodic, easy too remember and even have the necessary commercial aspect to become radio hits. In my opinion, Xandria are sometimes sounding not heavy enough for a metal band. Ginger or Forever Yours are just too slow and even slightly boring. I prefer faster songs like the title track or Mermaids. The album only contains few weak songs like She's Nirvana or Forever Yours. Kill The Sun is quite a good debut and I think that Xandria may still be able to develop their style. Furthermore I can recommend this CD more than the latest Lacuna Coil output which was a big disappointment.

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