XICON - Theogony

Xicon - Theogony

11 songs
51:11 minutes
***** **


Switzerland used to be a territory for interesting extreme metal bands to emerge. Celtic Frost, Coroner and Samael all changed the musical landscape with their original approach. Their compatriots Xicon don’t have the impact yet to revolutionise a genre, but their crunchy industrial metal has its moments too. Maybe they are ten years late with what they do, as pioneers like Ministry, Revolting Cocks, etc. have all come past their zenith. But back then, they would only have been one more trend-hopping band.

Xicon are less industrial than metal, which avoids them sounding too sterile or cold. They claim to be influenced by Rammstein and Clawfinger. The latter can be heard in The Eye with its rap vocals, making this clearly an unnecessary addition. Xicon sound better when they are more straightforward as on the club-worthy tracks Protoplaston and All Flesh And Smoke, or the dark Share The Bane with its interesting synth programming and evil vocals. It’s here where Xicon develop their fullest potential, coming across like the offspring of Coroner and The Young Gods.

Although Xicon have been around for nearly ten years, Theogony is only their debut album. Not every song is a winner, but there are clearly more hits than duds. Maybe this release comes ten years too late, but I prefer a late but good industrial album to another run-of-the-mill metalcore release any day of the week.

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