YEAR LONG DISASTER - Black Magic: All Mysteries Revealed

Year Long Disaster - Black Magic: All Mysteries Revealed

11 songs
42:32 minutes


Year Long Disaster are Californian hard rock trio that was founded in 2003. Their self-titled debut from 2007 is now followed by the concept album Black Magic: All Mysteries Revealed. The title sounds promising, and you’ll be furthermore intrigued by the theme dealing with The Master And Margarita, a novel published in the Sixties by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov that deals with the forces of good and evil. The band’s vocalist is Daniel Davies, son of Dave Davies from legendary English rock band The Kinks. Drummer Bradley Hargreaves is also active in well known rock band Third Eye Blind.

Unfortunately Year Long Disaster can’t live up to their promises. The three musicians may play timeless retro rock, but sound rather dated. There’s elements of desert rock, some boogie woogie, psychedelic ingredients, a strong Led Zeppelin touch, some Masters Of Reality, and always some room for acoustic moments. At times they don’t act that inaptly, and tracks like the catchy Stranger In My Room or the straight rocking Major Arcana are really cool, but otherwise they play just too tamely. Especially the harmless Foggy Bottom could have benefited strongly from a more unbridled attitude. Retro music can be really cool stuff, just think of Australian rockers Wolfmother!

If you want to give them a try anyway, you should visit the band’s webpage where you can download free of charge their single Show Me Your Teeth. Those who need to get everything that just remotely like the Sixties and the Seventies might still get their kick from Year Long Disaster.

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