YELLOWISH - Solid Ground

Yellowish - Solid Ground

13 songs
52:19 minutes
***** *


Yellowish from Aarhus, Denmark were founded in 1998 and have so far released several EPs on their own. Solid Ground is their first full-length CD for a record label. They are a band manoeuvring between pop and rock. Dreamlike pop melodies are confronted with slightly distorted guitars. The shared female and male vocals are always very calm. While the male vocals remind me of 80s brit pop la Morrissey, the female ones are more Cardigans like. The songs, not necessarily driven by speed, have at times a certain shoegazer feeling. Listening to a couple of songs is a really good experience, and the album even has some real jewels like Living On My Street, Lisa Could Die For Elvis, Carelessly or Autopilot. Talking about the rest of the songs, I have to say that they are just good average. Yellowish don't seem ready for an entire record. 52 minutes is too long for them as there are several songs on the CD which just seem not ready to be recorded. An EP containing just 5 or 6 of their better songs could have been more useful for the Danish band that nevertheless seems to have the potential to develop.

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