YUCCA - Radio Controlled

Yucca - Radio Controlled

6 songs
24:03 minutes
***** ***
Alien Elch


If I were very mean, I'd say that Yucca are just another German alternative rock band. As already many bands before, they combine elements like pop, rock, emo and a bit of electronica to create a music style that is difficult to describe. Nevertheless, their songwriting isn't bad at all and each song by this six-piece has its positive aspects. The two first songs Love Of Mud and I Like The Way are faster and quite chaotic so that there are parallels to bands like Oliver Twist or Landmine Spring. But Yucca also have a more melodic side and can write catchy tunes like Five Points For Chrash Kids, Sanchez or Freak. Finally When You're Dancing is a very emotional song with slower parts. Although there's nothing new to discover on this record, Yucca do what they do in a very convincing way and I hope that a full-length CD will follow soon.

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