Zebrahead - Phoenix

16 songs
55:10 minutes
***** ***
Steamhammer / SPV


I have come across the name Zebrahead already in the past but always managed not to listen to the Orange County CA’s music before, which I have come to regret, as this exciting band has already been around since 1996 and his now back with their fifth album Phoenix.

Zebrahead sound as if they had a great time while recording their new CD. The fantastic opener HMP is this kind of crossover metal that reminds of Mordred and other suchlike bands that were popular in the early Nineties. Next to fast rap vocals, the band has an ear for catchy choruses that invite to shout along. Their preference for early Nineties rock music become more obvious throughout the album, with especially the vocals close to bands like The Offspring and Red Hot Chili Peppers. It is unusual how often the band uses ska rhythms that are perfectly integrated in their general sound. A few melodic punk rock songs la Blink 182 make for some variety. Mental Health and The Juggernauts are two prime examples to underline this.

Even though the CD is nearly one hour long, there are no superfluous moments. Zebrahead set you into party mood with their uncomplicated, authentic and upbeat music. Metal fans might find the CD not hard enough, and mainstreamers will be shocked by some graphical content. But there should be enough party people out there who will enjoy this great piece of fun.

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