ZEBULON - Troubled Ground

Zebulon - Troubled Ground

10 songs
44:08 minutes
***** ***
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Zebulon from Sweden rose from the ashes of death metal band Desultory (1993-96). After one single line-up change in 1997, the band was renamed and went into a completely different musical direction. As many other Swedish bands, Zebulon have discovered their love for rock'n'roll, but compared to bands like Gluecifer or The Hellacopters, Zebulon's sound contains more classic seventies rock and hard rock elements. The opener Take It Like A Man is a fast traditional rock number with lots of lead guitars. The album contains some faster track which often remind me a bit of Motörhead (Stitched Up, Don't Let It Win, Troubled Ground), but another important part on Troubled Ground are the sludgier rock tracks. I prefer those tracks because the vocalist underlines better his vocal qualities. He may be located somewhere between early Black Sabbath Ozzy and not so doomy Candlemass Messiah. The different musicians also have a good sense for song writing, although there's nothing on the CD you haven't heard before. Zebulon may find quite a wide audience with their music (rockers, hard rockers, stoners,...).

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