ZED YAGO - ...From The Twilight Zone

Zed Yago - ...From The Twilight Zone

22 songs
102:03 minutes
***** ****
Steamhammer / SPV


Zed Yago used to be one of those bands that appeared very suddenly at the end of the 80ies, had two major successes, and then it was all over before it really began. That's the impression I had back then, when I was still a teenager. Until Steamhammer decided to release this historical 2-CD set with the best of the two Zed Yago CDs plus the later Velvet Piper album (Zed Yago vocalist Jutta Weinhold with new musicians and a new bandname) and finally some demo and live outtakes.

The interesting thing is that Jutta's career already started in the late 60ies, so she wasn't a young girl anymore when Zed Yago's debut From Over Yonder was released in 1987. Instead of hanging on to metal clichés, Zed Yago had a very own brand of so-called dramatic metal. The music was mostly 80ies metal with a touch of 70ies hard rock, but Jutta's voice was soaring over it all with tons of blues and soul to make all rock vixens of these days look pale. Furthermore the lyrics were related to literary themes, with socially critical background, something today's metal bands seldom dare to come up with.

The second CD Pilgrimage was more elaborate, and had with Black Bone Song (also as a CD-ROM video clip on the CD) and Fear Of Death two all-time classics. The third album had to be released under the bandname Velvet Piper, because Jutta and her bandmates didn't get along anymore. There also was a second, less known Velvet Piper album of which unfortunately there are no excerpts on this compilation.

Still, this low-price CD is the perfect way of getting a comprehensive view about what Zed Yago was all about, without having to look for the old out-of-print material, and it's also a good way of restarting Jutta Weinhold's comeback with her new band simply called Weinhold.

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