ZEENON - Inject The Truth

Zeenon - Inject The Truth

3 songs
11:40 minutes
***** ***


Heavy metal music has been around now for more than 20 years now, which makes it nearly impossible for bands to create something new or original in the genre. But then, every once in a while, you come across a band that's blending different known ingredients into a melting pot that maybe is not something unheard of, but at least a new variety of a well known theme.

First of all, Zeenon are one of the few bands where the female members dominate the male gender; only the drummer is a guy. It would of course be wrong and politically very incorrect to judge a band by such standards, but it shows that they really came together to make music, unlike some Eighties pseudo-bands like Vixen who used their good looks to sell their music. Not that Zeenon are not good-looking!

Zeenon's roots go back to Norway in the mid-Nineties, and since then the band released demos, albums and EPs on a regular rhythm. Their music is grounded mostly in doom metal, but they add some thrash element to create an even darker atmosphere. Vocalist Linn has certainly one of the scariest voices you will ever hear. She manages as well to sing cleanly as to utter fearsome death growls, but most distinguishable is her talent to have a deep siren voice which you don't come across anywhere else probably. But also the music is standing out. Drummer Mads is delivering a heavy backbone, on which Linda and Elin add their devastating rhythm work. You won't find any real guitar solos here, because this is all about heaviness.

The three songs from this EP can be downloaded from the band's homepage, where you also get the video clip of the opener Alienated, which is also the most interesting track featured here. Inject The Truth is not for the weak-minded, and not since the early days of Holy Moses have I heard such a unique-sounding metal band.

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