ZEKE - 'til The Livin' End

Zeke - 'til The Livin' End

15 songs
30:58 minutes
***** ****
Relapse / Suburban


Zeke have used their 10 years of existence to establish themselves a reputation as one of the raunchiest rock'n'roll bands ever. On their meanwhile sixth full-length studio album, they celebrate again their own brand of faster than the devil trash punk rock. Until now, I have known Zeke only from some compilation appearances, as I haven't been that interested in down and dirty rock music, and the first three songs seemed to prove me right: never longer than two minutes, the songs take no prisoners. As a three-piece there is a lot of room for every single band member, and they are sure to use it. After so many years around, it might be considered natural progress. From the fourth track (Hold Tight) on, you notice all of a sudden that the rhythm has been reduced to a more human speed, and all of a sudden I feel reminded of very early Motörhead, combining the bluesiness of On Parole with the otherworldly sounds of Overkill. It's not as if Zeke are cloning the godfathers of trash rock, they rather pay tribute to a sound the forefathers themselves lost after only a couple of albums. The overall impression you get is more or less the same as with the famous Ramones live album from the late 70s. The songs succeed each other with hardly a pause, giving you no time to breathe, just gaze in astonishment at the musical prowess of these redneck punks from the American West Coast. Producer legend Jack Endino was in charge of the overwhelming sound, combining an out-of-control energy with some of the tightest instrumentation that genre will ever allow. Zeke are ugly, dirty, and I would never invite them to my place, but hell, this is one of the wildest things I had the honour to listen to this year.

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