ZHIVAGO - Zhivago

Zhivago - Zhivago

10 songs
46:26 minutes
***** **


My first impression of the Zhivago debut was that they were a retro rock band. The cover artwork could as well have been painted in the early Seventies, and the first notes of the opener Restlessness sound like a combination of the Beatles and Motorpsycho. But the song gets a more modern turn and parallels to Radiohead come into my mind. The following I Shot The Sheriff is not a Bob Marley cover version, but a faster and more hectic tune reminding me a little of the Cardiacs and the Buzzcocks.

After this promising start, the album unfortunately chooses a less spectacular direction. Something Special is classic indie rock with too much pop appeal. Get Rid Of You should get rid of its pop tune as well. The seven minute long High On Wine shows the Swiss band from a different angle again: it doesn’t have too many vocals, it’s dramatic, sad, epic and then noisy again. All Undefined is a semi-ballad with a great brit pop flair. Me Myself And I and Every Night We Die shows again the band’s retro rock side which suits them very well. The album’s last track, Rowed Away, is again a calmer track that doesn’t fascinate me too much.

Zhivago is still a young band with a lot of potential, but there’s still a lot of improvement that can be made. Their music works best when they let it rock and are not afraid of distorted sounds. Also vocalist Philippe Laffer could still make some efforts with his rudimentary English skills which could also help to get a better rating the next time.

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