ZONARIA - Infamy And The Breed

Zonaria - Infamy And The Breed

12 songs
46:37 minutes
***** *


Sweden is Europe’s headquarter when it comes to exporting death metal. Since the early Nineties, this Scandinavian country has always been a melodic counterpoint to the harsher extreme metal sounds from the USA. Zonaria are a young band from Northern Sweden that adheres very strongly to that genre on their debut album Infamy And The Breed. The songs are never that fast, there is more emphasis on melody than on technical finesse, and even though the band members are listed to be playing only guitars, bass and drums, there’s a thin layer of keyboards permeating throughout the album. This way there is always a slight gothic edge to the songs, which I have to admit I don’t like that much. Furthermore Zonaria are anything but original, and although there are no explicitly bad songs on the album, I had to come to the second last track, The Black Omen, until I finally found one song that stood out. Maybe it’s because here Zonaria are digging in doom territory, which works better with the discreet synth carpets.

Had Infamy And The Breed been released ten years earlier, it would have been a standout album. Nowadays it takes more to entertain me with a death metal album, and as hard as I try, Zonaria just sound too streamlined for me most of the time, coming across like a generic death metal band that has recorded a good enough album with a good enough production, but unfortunately standards have risen drastically lately to make this album no more than just another ok addition to the death metal world.

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