ZORGLÜB - Things Are Pickin' Up (Advance)

Zorglüb - Things Are Pickin' Up (Advance)

3 songs
15:29 minutes
***** **


Only a couple of days ago, I had the pleasure to listen to the new Frontline Assembly album and was making up my mind about how intelligent industrial music can be sometimes. A lot of metal bands added mechanical rhythms to their music and claimed to belong to the movement (if there ever was one), although the roots go back much further. Zorglüb from France also have a distinctive metal edge, but their music shows a wide range of influences, adding ingredients from general industrial, EBM, metal, etc.

I am listening to a three track promo copy (the entire album is 9 songs long), and already the opener Just Do It is very promising. The hardest track of the three, it reminds a lot of the metallized but still danceable Ministry, but already the next song Nothing shows that Zorglüb (band name sounds as weird as a word from the Magma dictionary) are indeed much closer to the melodic side of industrial, like Nine Inch Nails and Tool. The last track What's The Matter With Me? even has a slight Rammstein touch.

Zorglüb are three guys (vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards), the drums are programmed, but the abundance of real instruments prevents the overall sound from becoming to sterile. It would be unfair to compare these newcomers to the established acts, but their debut album shows already a lot of potential which every fan of danceable electro-metal sounds should check out.

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