ZUHAUSE - Dinge an ihrem Platz

Zuhause - Dinge an ihrem Platz

11 songs
33:01 minutes
***** **


Zuhause are a newcomer band from Germany. The four-piece consisting of three guys and one girl plays a nice kind of indie pop music. You shouldn't expect to find any trace of originality on their debut Dinge an ihrem Platz, but all eleven songs are however so well constructed that they all know how to please. Even if bands from Germany don't like this word, I have to use it nevertheless: diskurs-pop. One of Zuhause's major influences are the later works of Tocotronic, one of the most successful bands singing in German. Although every song on the album has strong melodic elements, the guitars are never played too cleanly to lend the music a fitting lo-fi aspect. The singer has a pleasant voice telling interesting stories about things that can happen to nearly everyone in daily life. His voice gives the songs a certain singer/songwriter quality, drawing parallels to Kettcar, Blumfeld and Clickclickdecker. Towards the end, the album somehow slows down. Melodic songs like Willkommen zu Hause and Ichi, ni, san, shi, just to name a few, are their stronger side. Absolute highlight is Wir sind nicht mehr allein which starts very slowly and develops into quite an awesome noise orgy. On the whole, Zuhause's debut is nothing extraordinary, but certainly a guitar pop album worth listening to.

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