6:33 - Deadly Scenes

6:33 - Deadly Scenes

9 songs
54:06 minutes
***** *****


Parisian experimental metal band 6:33 has been doing their very own and very unusual thing since 2008. Their debut album Orphan Of Good Manners from 2011 left me already in quite a state of excitement. The following The Stench From The Swelling came out two years later and was recorded with French vocalist and metal journalist Arno Strobl. Unfortunately I didnít get to hear this record. Another two years have passed, and now 6:33 are back with their third longplayer Deadly Scenes, and itís incredible how much they have progressed in those four years.

The album begins with a gospel part that fitfully segues into the opener Hellalujah where the listener is confronted with quite bizarre sounds that betray an influence of Mike Patton. Even though the Faith No More vocalist has left his traces, 6:33 are still more than just a mere copy. The album is shock full with surprising twists and turns. The band is unafraid of downright pop moments, spiritual hints and atmospheric keyboard parts, to just name a few aces up their sleeves. The musicians are playing in the Champions League from a technical vantage point, which furthermore emphasises the albumís qualities. On The Walking Fed, the band is playing around with elements of world music, and if someone told me this mix of ethno and tribal had been spawned by Peter Gabriel, I wouldnít even question the statement. Iím A Nerd is another exercise in extremity with a mesmerising banjo part. My favourite tracks are Modus Operandi and Black Widow, both of which are flirting with cabaret rock, but are also not blind to elements of progressive and jazz rock. Another great moment comes with Lazy Boy which reminds me of Pink Floyd although its conclusion is building up momentum and convinces with a great female guest vocalist. The album ends with the thirteen minute long title track which has the feeling of a short musical. This epic piece is brimming with energy and joy of life.

"Fascinating!", as the recently deceased Mr Spock would have said. But I am also excited by Deadly Scenes. The French musicians have managed to break out of common structures and venture onto new paths. The Parisians define their sound simply as "strange music", and they are certainly not wrong in that regard. One thingís for sure: 6:33 have delivered with this already a hot contender for the album of the year.

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