CARLO NOGO - Poste Frontière

Carlo Nogo - Poste Frontière

8 songs
28:59 minutes
***** **


Every year of so, Carlo Nogo is rejoicing us with one of this new EPs. Poste Frontière is already the fourth one of the former Nogo Stunts and Yegussa guitarist. Like in the past, his songs feel rather song-like, unlike the more psychedelic excursions he did with Yegussa for instance. His songwriting skills have matured over time, so that Poste Frontière is gracing us with some of his best compositions yet. What I like especially about his music is how he adds occasional unexpected bits that give the material even more charm. Take for instance the small organ part at the end of Café A, most likely a reminiscence of the cult café that used to host concert in Oberkorn ages ago. Grow Up, Get A Job comes with a funny Hawaiian surf guitar part, and Drago’s Punch is an ironic tribute to the Rocky movies and sounds like something Survivor could have come up with in the Eighties.

Unfortunately, there are not only highlights on the EP. As much as I admire Carlo Nogo for doing everything himself, from songwriting to guitar playing to programming the remaining instruments, I am quite certain that a more objective ear could have taken more out of the final mix. Especially the bass guitar is to loud and low in the mix, forcing you to take nearly all the bass out of your stereo. Maybe a future remix of the album would be in order, making it a much more listenable experience. It’s a bit of a shame that Carlo Nogo has evolved into one of Luxembourg’s most versatile guitarists, and then stumbles over production issues. You should still give Poste Frontière a listen. It’s a heartfelt solo effort by a rather introverted artist that deserves to be heard by fans of diverse and occasionally even funny instrumental music.

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