CARNAL FORGE - Gun To Mouth Salvation

Carnal Forge - Gun To Mouth Salvation

11 songs
46:06 minutes
***** ***


Carnal Forge, well known for their striking mix between thrash metal and melodic death metal, took quite their time with their new album Gun To Mouth Salvation. They released six records between 1998 and 2007, and were on hiatus between 2010 and 2013. It still took them from there another six years before they were back with their seventh longplayer, which shows the Swedes with all their accustomed qualities.

Itís no surprise that Carnal Forge still play their brand of death metal, thrash metal and even some metalcore. The brutality of it all is refined by masterful instrumental performances. Reforged is a standout track where the band gets straight to the point and is not taking any prisoners. The following Aftermath is at five and a half minutes the albumís longest track, coming with clearer vocals and a more sedate pace. These more melodic vocals are recurring throughout the album and are proof that getting new singer Tommie Wahlberg on board was the right choice. Endless War comes with partly symphonic metal parts, as well as with more extreme moments, making this to another highlight. The complex structures on Bound In Flames are also something one should have listened to. On Hellride, the band is flirting with black metal, and it should also be noted that the new material has more groove than in the past, which can best be experienced on Sin Feast Paradise.

Considering how long Carnal Forge were inactive, it is great to see that they show no signs of rust. The Swedes stayed true to their extreme metal roots, but were also open for more contemporary elements. The vocals are more varied than in the past, and the songwriting has possibly matured a bit. And still this is Carnal Forge through and through. Add to this a powerful production, making Gun To Mouth Salvation another first class entry to the bandís discography.

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