CASSÉE - Cassée

Cassée - Cassée

6 songs
32:06 minutes
***** **


Instrumental rock trios have something of a tradition in Luxembourg, starting with Tvesla in the early years of the millennium, to be followed later by Yegussa at the end of the late decade. Cassée somehow fall in line with that movement, and it should be mentioned that their drummer used to play in Yegussa. The other two members seem to have less of an active musical past.

The first thing that struck me is how the three musicians all have wild, unkempt curly hair and are making some effort to grow beards. But don’t worry, you are not in the presence of hipsters. I genuinely believe that Cassée are something like the lovechild of Seventies hippie music and Nineties noise rock.

Their self-titled debut album comes two years after the band’s inception, and it is clear from the beginning that the three musicians have a very free attitude towards their craft. Although the songs seem to be thoroughly composed, they never lose that aura of something that started during jam sessions. The rhythm section is playing very tightly together, allowing the guitar to take the lead role for most of the time. And the guitarist is taking advantage of the situation, showing off all kinds of different sounds. Sometimes they work really well, but at other times you might want to hear a second guitar providing a rhythmic backbone because things become a little too bare. Take for instance the dry guitar lead that happens three quarters of a minute into the opener My Underwear. It is certainly well intended, but could have benefited from something happening underneath it. The second track Shit / More Shit starts with a funky guitar part before things get noisier. The third song is aptly titled I Don’t Give A Shit Anymore. These three songs taken together, with the messy toilet photo (taken at the band’s rehearsal space!) on the back cover, and we have something like a concept for the first half of the album.

Cassée’s songs are usually long, even though the first two songs are running under five minutes. The remaining tracks are more generous that way, and fortunately the trio hasn’t spent all of their ideas on the first couple of pieces, as is sometimes the case with newcomer bands. I especially like the last two tracks. Overload is an expansive noise rock jam that makes it to nearly eight minutes, and sees the guys really rocking it out in the most fervent way. The concluding Conformism has been pre-released as a single and can be purchased on Cassée’s Bandcamp page for 99 Euros! Euros, not cents! Frankly it’s much cheaper to just buy the entire album which can be had for about 5 Euros only. But then I am convinced that there is an actual purpose behind this otherwise weird idea.

Those of you who like instrumental music should definitely check out Cassée. Their sizzling mix of noise, psychedelic and post rock with the occasional hippie blues touch feels authentic and fresh. The album has been recorded at different places by the band themselves. It sounds raw, very direct and never too polished, which in this case is meant as a compliment. Sometimes a little more dynamic range or power would have been nice, but the instruments have all been quite nicely balanced, and most likely reproduce the band’s live sound in the most faithful imaginable way. Good debut album, making me eager for future endeavours.

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