Centrate - Ritual

10 songs
40:13 minutes
***** ****


Most members of Centrate played in Without Fear between 2007 and 2010. After several line-up changes, they decided to continue under a different name, Centrate, which stands for Center of Hate. It took them a while to find their way into a studio, but a first EP titled Tiger Force finally came out in early 2015, followed in late 2016 by the debut longplayer Ritual.

The five musicians play ten compact metal songs in short forty minutes. Their sound shows strong parallels to German thrash metal of the late Eighties. Although Centrate come from Hesse, just like thrash pioneers Tankard, they deny having been influenced by them. I thought to hear similarities with the vocals and the guitars, and guess that there can be worse things than this comparison.

The songs are generally kept quite simple, played at an elevated pace and have, in accordance with the band name, the necessary amount of anger. The band works with ideas that were successful in the Eighties and still work today, provided youíre into thrash metal. Centrate always get straight to the point without any unnecessary detours. Take for instance The Soul Collector with its crushing riffs, or the brutal Infected which reminded me of Slayer. The albumís highlight is its title track which comes rather towards the end. Ritual is a downright neck breaker which is predestined to become a classic of the bandís repertoire.

The current thrash metal revival has been going on for several years now, and Centrate can claim not without false modesty that they have added with Ritual their part to keeping alive a genre which was in its prime thirty years ago.

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