CIVILIAN - The Second

Civilian - The Second

12 songs
36:11 minutes
***** *
(self released)


Hard rock band Civilian are from the Belgian province Limburg. Their debut Wake-up Call came out in 2012. Two years later it was time for the successor with the fitting title The Second. This is also meant as a pun, considering that the title track is only one second long. The album’s topic is quite dark though, as a lot of stuff can happen within the course of a second, for instance life can change into death.

Apart from a new guitarist, there have been no line-up changes on the album. Civilian play very classic and risk free hard rock in a professional way. The songs are mostly very concise, only two tracks make it over four minutes, and as a matter of fact are not among the band’s forte. One of those is dragging on due to an unnecessarily long guitar solo, and the other one is an awful ballad in the worst AOR way. I prefer the more straightforward material, like C.E.O. and Stars Tonight. The mid-tempo stuff is also quite good. The undeniable highlight is Love In The Moshpit which does its name justice. Too bad there aren’t more of these kind of songs, as this thrash number is bursting with energy and action. Other less stellar tracks include the sluggish Dead Man Walking and Wrong Side Of The Road.

Maybe I am just not the right person to review a band like Civilian. The Belgians are definitely acting professionally, but their modus operandi is just too conservative for my taste. If they acted more often as energetically as on Love In The Moshpit, I would definitely have enjoyed their album more.

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