COMITY - A Long, Eternal Fall

Comity - A Long, Eternal Fall

8 songs
47:01 minutes
***** ****


Founded more than twenty years ago, Comity from Paris are sometimes called Franceís best kept secret. It canít be the quality of music, because on that level, the band is acting impeccably if not overtly accessibly. One reason may be that the band has been rather scarce lately, with their fourth longplayer A Long, Eternal Fall being the first sign of life since its well-received predecessor The Journey Is Over Now from 2011. The band had been acting in a more solemn way on that album, with few but really long songs. In the earlier past, they released an album with 99 micro-tracks.

On the new album, it appears as if the band has been looking for a compromise between their earlier chaotic sound and the later post metal elements, with a more intense production that is making sure that A Long, Eternal Fall is their heaviest album yet. Itís hard to describe Comityís sound: chaotic noisecore meeting metallic hardcore, with occasional bouts of Americana slide guitar and oppressive doom metal excursions. The vocals are fierce and full of suffering, matching the claustrophobic atmosphere that the incredibly dense production has left it its wake.

The eight tracks are simply titled as Roman numerals, from I to VIII, with only VII making it over ten minutes this time, and itís also there where the band is acting at its most varied, with the epic trackís second half being some of the most threatening doom core I have heard in a very long time.

For some, Comityís music, especially on the new A Long, Eternal Fall, will be nothing but dissonant noise, and there might be some truth to it. The whole truth though is that beneath the busy production you can hear a band playing at its peak. Comity are in some ways a truly progressive hardcore / metal band, always looking forward and never allowing the listener any moment of respite. They have played in the past already with bands like Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Today Is The Day. If you are into these bands, then you have to check out the Parisian noise veterans too.

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