COSMOKRAMER - Starving In This Wilderness / At Some Point

Cosmokramer - Starving In This Wilderness / At Some Point

2 songs
6:56 minutes
***** ****


Many years ago, Metro were the indie rock sensation from Luxembourg. You’re Never Sexy was one of the few times that a local band had a regular summer hit. In 2011, the band broke up, maybe having realised that they had reached already their zenith. Vocalist Olivier continued with his new band Ice In My Eyes which had a bit more of a rocking sound, and soon they released a first album, with a second one soon to come out too. But somehow that must not have been enough for him, because he got back together with Metro bass player to found the synthpop duo Cosmokramer.

This time there are no regular instruments, but just vocals, synthesizers and minimalist beats. Olivier’s voice has not suffered throughout the years, making him still one of Luxembourg’s most emotive and charismatic singers. Yves has always been a good bass player but has mastered over time the art of skilful programming, so that Cosmokramer manages to sound different from Metro and Ice In My Eyes.

Their first release is a double single, with Starving In This Wilderness surprising with a really unusual sound. Starting with bouncy high synth notes, the vocals soon join in, backed by a dramatic bass chord, and it’s only a little later that a decent hi-hat and a quite unobtrusive bass drum show that this is not about big beats, but rather about creating atmosphere with synthesizers and vocals. The chorus is catchy as hell, and you fell transported back into the early Eighties of famous synthpop duos, except that this is not pure retrophilia, but instead you get a very up-to-date clear and transparent production. The following At Some Point is a little shorter, not quite as accessible but surprised with a warm piano chord in its chorus, and once again the idea to have a mean bass chord run through the track proves quite the good idea.

As an appetiser, Cosmokramer truly have delivered! Combining finest songwriting with an enchanting choice of sounds makes their music a welcome addition to the local music scene. I am already looking forward to hearing more music from these two scene veterans.

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