CROSS X - What We Can Get

Cross X - What We Can Get

8 songs
18:31 minutes
***** **


Cross X is a German hardcore punk band that has been around for about twenty years already. Three quarters of the band also play with Sick Of Society who just released their excellent new album Perlen vor die Sšue. Only vocalist Markus is not a member of that band. Where Sick Of Society tend to be a punk band, Cross X come with a bigger hardcore orientation. Another parallel between both bands is that they both took a six-year break between albums. What We Can Get is Cross Xís fifth album, and I remember reviewing their first three albums with rather ambiguous feelings.

Even though Cross X donít work as well for me as Sick Of Society, I have to admit that they have made impressive progress in the last ten years. The futuristic sounding intro is followed by Broken, a straight-in-your-face hardcore track that may not be overly fast, but which is nevertheless running like a steamroller over your face. The following In My Heart comes in a more relaxed mood, and is far more melodic and even rather catchy. The title track has been produced by Andy Classen, and the band even made a video clip for this brutal piece of hardcore. Take It Back and Darkest Hour are two more accessible songs, both fast paced and sporting choruses that invite to sing along. 12 Steps To Nothing is an angry and emotional mid-tempo stomper, before the album ends with Yesterday Is Today, the only track running over three minutes, and also showing a more experimental side of the band. Despite the songís foundation being typical hardcore, there are some industrial elements that remind of Ministry.

This should probably be considered rather an EP than a full-length album, but as brevity is the soul of wit, the seven songs actually manage to really appeal, even though I donít consider myself a through and through hardcore fan. Itís nice that there are some punk touches that add a certain variety to the bandís sound. And even the more traditional parts are played at an impeccable technical level, and the production also leaves nothing to be desired. Punk and hardcore fans should keep their ears open for What We Can Get from Cross X.

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