Crucified Barbara - In The Red

11 songs
39:23 minutes
***** ****


Crucified Barbara started out as punk rock band at the end of the last millennium. Since then the four Swedish ladies have built themselves a reputations as a serious hard rock band. There have never been any line-up changes, as the musicians get along well and have been growing together musically. Every few years they have released an album, with the fourth one In The Red just out.

The opener I Sell My Kids For Rock’n’Roll is a fast and furious song that is swinging skilfully between hard rock and rock’n’roll. Another highlight follows instantaneously with To Kill A Man, a mid-tempo track with strong arrangements and a grimy attitude. One of their catchiest songs is Electric Sky which sounds like Judas Priest teaming up with Lita Ford. Throughout the album it is made clear that the band is inspired by the Eighties. There are occasional parallels to AC/DC and WASP, which should enchant especially the nostalgic rock fans out there. At times they are also flirting with the Seventies, as on Finders Keepers where the guitars remind of Jimi Hendrix, and Do You Want Me sounds like a tribute to Thin Lizzy. After forty minutes, the fun is already over, and at least I wouldn’t have minded one or two more tracks.

Swedish women have always had the reputation of being very beautiful, but Crucified Barbara have definitely more to offer than just eye candy. The music on In The Red is direct and uncomplicated, just as one would expect from a quality hard rock band. The band has definitely found its path and are now probably among the best in the still small world of all female hard rock bands.

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