DEFICIENCY - The Dawn Of Consciousness

Deficiency - The Dawn Of Consciousness

10 songs
58:52 minutes
***** ****


Since their debut State Of Disillusion, thrash metal band from the Lorraine region in France has been reviewed on our pages. On their debut and the following The Prodigal Child two years later, the band played modern thrash metal that was open for other influences. The third album The Dawn Of Consciousness took this time four years, but itís clear from the onset that the wait has well been worth it.

I thought at first that the band would follow in its footsteps, as the album starts with the two heavier tracks Newbornís Awakening and Uncharted. The band is still on top with its musical and technical abilities. Especially the seven-minute long instrumental And Now Where Else To Go gives insight into their incredible skills. From the third song Another Fail To Come on, Deficiency surprise with a much more varied sound that shows off more melody. The vocals are increasingly diverse and are always used aptly. Partly they are screamed the way we are used from the thrash metal genre, then they are more extreme in a metalcore fashion. But there are also a lot of clean parts, often paired with backing vocals that one feels reminded of the more extreme side of progressive metal. Deficiency occasionally remind of Devin Townsend Project and Between The Buried And Me. From A Less To A Greater Perfection and Face The World We Experience are two such tracks where this becomes clear. Mood changes happen all the time, and it seems that certain songs from Deficiency have more ideas than some entire albums from lesser metal bands.

The Dawn Of Consciousness is a concept album dealing with the post apocalypse. When everything has gone to pieces, mankind becomes a second chance to make it better. This allows the band to treat such topics as anger, grief, disgust, etc.

Deficiency have put a lot of effort into the lyrics and into the songwriting. I really liked their first wo album, but The Dawn Of Consciousness is even better, a truly big step forward. Those who like their thrash metal demanding and contemporary at the same time will have no excuse to miss out on this album. Although the year is still rather young, I dare say that few modern thrash metal albums will be able to top this great effort by the four Frenchmen.

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