DÉLUGE - Aether

Déluge - Aether

9 songs
55:33 minutes
***** ****
Les Acteurs de l'Ombre


Déluge from nearby Metz have only been founded two years ago. On their debut album Aether, the five French musicians locate themselves consequently between black metal and post hardcore, creating a dense sound that needs the listener’s devotion to fully unveil its potency.

The album begins with rain sounds, an effect which is repeated on many of the songs, making it a kind of leitmotif, which makes sense considering the band name. The lyrics are in the band’s native French, but with the thoroughly brutal vocals, you don’t really understand what language they are singing.

The opener Avalanche begins as a classic black metal piece, but slowly the screamo elements increase, and despite some quiet moments, the song ends on a furious and emotional note. This constant interaction between quiet and frantic parts can be heard throughout the nearly one hour long running time of the album. This may at first seem as if the band is constantly using the same modus operandi, but the instrumentation is so rich, and the production so powerful, that you can only admire the musicians’ skills. The incredibly frenetic Naufrage gives you the impression as if the apocalypse is imminent. The following Houle convinces with weird sounds that lie on the border between genius and insanity. Listen closely to the fast yet ultra-precise drumming on this track. The nearly ten minute long, German titled Klarträumer shows the band from a gloomier and more atmospheric side, but towards the end gains momentum in the band’s accustomed heavy sound.

I strongly recommend this album to all fans of extreme metal music. The complexity of the compositions will allow you to discover new details every time you listen to Aether. Déluge don’t try to ingratiate themselves to any current hype, but consequently do their own thing. There are possible parallels to Céleste and The Ocean, but that doesn’t mean that Aether isn’t a solid debut album which once again confirms the good reputation of the current French metal scene.

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