DE PASCAL VU WOOLTZ - De Pascal spillt Musek

De Pascal vu Wooltz - De Pascal spillt Musek

5 songs
12:12 minutes
***** **


Even a small country like Luxembourg needs its icons. If you ever happen to get lost in the north of Luxembourg (like beyond The Wall, if you allow a Game of Thrones analogy), you might run across a figure that looks a little like a rabid hobbit (if you allow a Tolkien reference), but actually turns out to be De Pascal vu Wooltz, punk rock icon from Wiltz, or as the indigenous people like to say: Wooltz. To be fair, he also often finds his way to the centre and the south of Luxembourg, where he can be seen at punk rock shows.

Initially De Pascal vu Wooltz has been known as the vocalist of Ösling punk rockers Weakonstruction, but lately he has been performing a lot by himself on acoustic guitar and vocals. Therefore it was only a matter of time before he recorded a solo EP, titled logically De Pascal spillt Musek. Despite its Luxembourgish title, the lyrics are in English language, and that’s maybe where one could have wished for a more colloquial approach. While Pascal is a really good acoustic guitar player, his vocals do not always convince, mostly because it seems as if some syllables are missing in the lyrics. Maybe the use of his native language would have made the EP more poetic.

And still, it speaks for the man that he took the time and the effort to record in a professional studio, and apart from some discreet bass and electric guitar tracks, it’s the backing vocals that give the songs a certain charm. It sounds as if he has taken the oooh’s and aaah’s of Bad Religion and put them into a singer/songwriter context. It’s also astonishing that Wild Man Pascal has such a clear and high voice. Right now, De Pascal vu Wooltz doesn’t yet have the grit of Communicaution aka Eric Rosenfeld, another punk rocker gone singer/songwriter, but De Pascal spillt Musek is already a nice start into a hopefully fruitful career. With the charm of a street musician, De Pascal vu Wooltz is the underdog that we all secretly cherish.

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