DE PROFUNDIS - Kingdom Of The Blind

De Profundis - Kingdom Of The Blind

10 songs
51:33 minutes
***** ****
Wicker Man


London based metal band De Profundis have been around for ten years, and have been quite active since then: four longplayers and one EP have already been released. They started out as a doom metal band but have evolved towards the progressive death metal genre, with bands like Atheist and Death being among their major influences.

The growling vocals sound as if they came straight from a crypt. Not badly done, but not enough to distinguish themselves from other genre bands. For that goal, I refer you to the two guitarists whose incredibly playful riffs put their stamp on the music. No matter if they are harmoniously playing together or seemingly duelling each other, the result if always astonishing. The same goes for the musicís pace which is just insane. The band is not making the mistake of repeating structures from song to song. All Consuming is a prime example of what this band is capable of. The song is gloomy and has a threatening atmosphere but also surprises with jazzy moments. The complex patterns of the title track are among the finest I have heard in extreme metal in a very long time. The most progressive moment on the album is A Strange Awakening where the band is surprising time and again with unpredictable ideas.

The mix of traditional and progressive death metal works perfectly with De Profundis. Kingdom Of The Blind offers delightful extreme metal from the first to the last note. You might as well check out on Bandcamp their previous EP Frequencies which contains three tracks from the new album in earlier recordings plus a cover version of Deathís Crystal Mountain.

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