DERBY DERBY - Love Dance

Derby Derby - Love Dance

1 song
30:56 minutes
***** ****
Atypeek / Ormo


The first time I listened to Derby Derby, apart from the fact that I thought the whole endeavour rather monotonous, I was still surprised at how varied the strange guitar sounded: sometimes like an electric guitar, then like a violin, then again like a crazy free jazz trumpet. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the latter was actually what was going on. Derby Derby are a strange krautrock / free jazz trio from France consisting of a monumentally simplistic rhythm section and an electric trumpet player who is coaxing the most unusual sounds from his instrument.

Founded in 2016, Love Dance is Derby Derby’s debut album, consisting either of a single half hour track, or the twenty-minute-long Love, followed by the slightly more upbeat ten-minute-long Dance. It is all a matter of interpretation, and I prefer the former. The song starts with strange trumpet noises that sound more like a guitar drone. Two minutes into the songs, the pounding drums join in, to be followed another two minutes later by an incredibly monotonous bass line. And on the surface, not that much is happening, and in the beginning, I often lost patience, but the more time I spent with Derby Derby’s Love Dance, the more it unravelled its tiny nuances hidden behind its repetitious mantra. At times it feels as if the whole song doesn’t need more than two different notes, and yet the different layers of trumpet have something very hypnotic, even trippy. At times I felt reminded of John Cale’s wailing electric viola of the first Velvet Underground album, whereas the Dance movement even comes with something like an abrasive trumpet solo somewhere between the aural fantasies of a Sun Ra and the free jazz core of a John Zorn.

Actually, Love Dance is an album that should not work, and yet it does, even more so after repeated listening. Take a mechanistic krautrock foundation of Neu! and add a subdued free jazz affinity, and you will find yourself on a weird and wonderful half hour trip into the most unexpected sonic vistas! Recommended for the daring and demanding music aficionado!

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