Der Rote Milan - Moritat

6 songs
40:38 minutes
***** ***
Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork


Named after some kind of hawk living mostly in Central Europe, Der Rote Milan are a black metal band from Trier in Germany. Maybe itís the historic past of their hometown which has influenced the quintet to use history themed lyrics for their songs that seem to be mostly located in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Germany. Despite this lyrical context, one canít say that their music sounds ancient. In fact, their often long compositions sound rather modern and have little in common with the primeval black metal sound from Scandinavia.

On their second longplayer Moritat, coming three years after their debut album, Der Rote Milan offer six tracks ranging from a little over three minutes to a generous length of twelve minutes. The albumís opener Die Habsucht starts in a pastoral way, but then turns into an exceptional track with venomous vocals, searing guitar riffs, a pummelling rhythm section and a powerful sequence between fast and stomping mid-tempo parts. The following Drohende Schatten is the shortest and consequently also most brutal track featured on the album. Gnosis der Vergšnglichkeit is a surprisingly mellow track with tons of melancholy, making this nearly eight minute long track something different, reminding me possibly of early My Dying Bride minus the violin. Der letzte Galgen, despite its seven minute running time, feels more like a typical black metal track, which is rather unusual for Der Rote Milan but works nevertheless in their favour. Der Findling is at four minutes another shorter and more direct track, before the album ends with the epic twelve minute title track, which deals with the short life of German outlaw Schinderhannes. This is the undisputable highlight of the album as it shows the band from its most varied side.

Moritat has been released on the small label Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork from Trier, and this once again shows that you donít need a flashy major label to come up with a high quality record. Fans of well-produced black metal that like their stuff hard hitting as well as occasionally melancholic should check out this gorgeous album that you can get either as a CD, a vinyl album or of course as a digital download.

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