DETIETI - Frogressive Punk

Detieti - Frogressive Punk

9 songs
47:50 minutes
***** **
(no name)


Founded in Moscow in 2004, avant prog band Detieti took quite some time to get going. A first demo came out in 2010, and then two longplayers in 2013 and 2015. Now they are back with their third album Frogressive Punk, and show the world their interpretation of how experimental progressive psychedelic music can sound. They also like to associate themselves with the term pronk, which stands for progressive punk and has been made popular Ė well, more or less Ė by British band Cardiacs. Where these pronk pioneers usually had very strict songwriting, Detieti prefer to dabble more in freeform exercises, which can best be heard on the first and last track on the album, which both are about ten minutes long. The opener Cocaintro is not so much an intro but a nine minute long elaboration of different motifs that use all kinds of elements, from Black Sabbath influenced doom riffs to classical music. The overall impression if quite funky, as if the Spin Doctors had been let loose after the intake of unspecified hallucinogens. The same counts for the concluding Threeptile, at eleven and a half minutes even longer and giving the band ample space to jam as if there were no tomorrow. The middle part of the song is rather mellow and trippy, with a very distinct psychedelic touch. Itís these long songs actually where the band is at their least interesting. While the music is really good, it lacks structure, and that brings us to the albumís middle part, consisting of more concise pieces.

Lazy Madonna for instance is a funky experimentation on the Beatlesí Lady Madonna, displaying quite considerably the bandís strange sense of humour. I guess those who understand Russian might think it even funnier. Rasta Fear starts like quite the hard rocker but then finds time for some jazz interludes. The Dream Of Woodland Animals is a pastoral sounding interlude, quite short, to be followed by the crazy Murat-Zlurad, at four minutes quite short but full of different elements that make sure that you will be surprised at each and every turn. More strangeness ensues with the three minute short Im.Pokh before the six and a half minute long Diemback is one of my personal highlights, marrying hard rocking progressive punk with African ethnic music. Really unusual but also really great! The short In Latrine (Cocaintro revisited) revisits themes of the opener.

I guess that itís not Dietetiís modus operandi to perform simple progressive rock tracks. Their avant prog is influenced by Mike Patton, funk metal, improvisational music, comics and the circus, and thatís exactly what these guys sound like. Frogressive Punk a real madcap ride, but sometimes I keep wondering if it would sound even more striking if there was a little bit more structure. The middle part of the album is actually very stunning, whereas the two long tracks that bookend the album are possibly more challenging. If you like your music crazy and unpredictable, Moscowís Detieti are the band you should check out.

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