DEVIL MASTER - Satan Spits On Children Of Light

Devil Master - Satan Spits On Children Of Light

13 songs
37:01 minutes
***** ***


There are so many kinds of black metal around these days that itís hard to come up with something new in the genre. Everything seems to have been tried: old school, symphonic, gothic, progressive, avantgarde... but wait: what about punk?

Devil Master are a sextet from Philadelphia who have only been founded in 2015 and are now ready with their first longplayer Satan Spits On Children Of Light. The six musicians are still quite young, all apparently in their twenties, and yet their oeuvre sounds like something concocted by much more mature people. In fact what they are trying to do is merge the proto old school black metal sound from early Bathory with the gothic death rock of Christian Death, with a healthy dose of American Eighties punk rock thrown in for good measure. The mere fact of reading this description doesnít do Devil Master justice, because a lot of bands have played with horror elements, some more successful than others. What makes it work for Devil Master is mostly the incredibly unusual guitar sounds full of flanger and echo effects that owes more to dark wave gothic rock than to metal. The vocals are incredibly harsh, with a certain blackened thrash vibe, and the lyrics that are supposedly very satanic are indecipherable. In fact, it all sounds like a crossover from the early Eighties, except that back then combining different musical styles wasnít a thing to be done very much in the metal community, mostly because extreme metal was just being formed back then.

It should be noted that Satan Spits On Children is a rather short album at not even forty minutes, and if you subtract the intro, the outro and an instrumental in the middle, you are left with a little over thirty minutes. But this half hour has all it takes to convince you of the sextetís furious energy. Itís hard to pick favourites, and maybe the first half is a little more suspenseful than the latter half, but in the end, this debut album is quite astonishing and marvellous and should appeal to every fan of primeval black metal with a truly dark and evil twist.

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