DISEN GAGE - Hybrid State

Disen Gage - Hybrid State

9 songs
33:19 minutes
[the label that has no name]


In the first decade of the new millennium, Moscow based avant rock band Disen Gage released three albums on the renowned Russian label RAIG. Then it became quiet around the band for a couple of years, with the musicians concentrating their energies on their academic careers in the domain of biochemistry. In 2016 they returned with Snapshots on the ArtBeat label, to be followed in late 2017 by the soundtrack of their documentary Hybrid State.

The cover photo is a QR code that links to the YouTube page where you can watch the half hour film. Itís basically about how three researchers are conducting an experiment in a laboratory while they also play experimental music on guitar, bass and assorted effects. Now this is of course completely different from what Disen Gage did on their previous records. Donít expect any progressive or even avantgarde rock structures. Instead we get ambient guitar music that reminds me of some of the works of Jandek and Richard Youngs. So this seems to be mostly improvised sounds and not something rehearsed in advance.

As an album, Hybrid State offers some interesting tonal experiences, but frankly it is more rewarding to watch the movie where you see two guys fidgeting on their guitars while a woman scientist seems to be doing the actual scientific work. Links to the outcome of the experiment ("An instrumental approach to combining confocal microspectroscopy and 3D scanning probe nanotomography") can be found on the albumís Bandcamp page, but donít ask a lay person to understand what this is about.

I have to admit that I prefer Disen Gage as a regular band playing their intelligent brand of progressive avant rock to this strange acoustic endeavour. And while the album has some interesting sounds, I suggest you take it all in with the video on YouTube to get a thoroughly surreal and downright bizarre experience.

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