Double Crush Syndrome - Death To Pop

11 songs
37:21 minutes
***** ***
Arising Empire


Andy Brings is something like the "enfant terrible" of the German metal scene. He first made a name for himself in the first half of the Nineties as a guitarist for thrash metal pioneers Sodom. Then he founded with quite some success rockíníroll band The Traceelords, and right after that power speed metal band Powergod as a side-project. A few years ago, he founded yet another band called Double Crush Syndrome. In between, Andy Brings was also a member of the just of German docu soap Shopping Queen and made a film called Full Circle Ė Last Exit RockíníRoll.

I missed out on the bandís first records, but Death To Pop offers exactly what one should expect from a cool rock album. Although Andy Brings currently looks like a gothic punk, he still plays straightforward rockíníroll. The title track has an unmistakable message and show what direction this new band is heading to. The production does sound modern, but Double Crush Syndrome never deny their influences from the Sixties and the Seventies, like Sweet, Kiss and T. Rex. The songs are not more complex than anything from the Ramones, and the lyrics that mostly deal with party and humorous topics will never win a Nobel Prize in Literature like Bob Dylanís did. But thatís exactly where we find the bandís charm and appeal. Itís the kind of music you can listen to on the side and still get the message. There are also two female backing vocalists whose contributions can best be witnessed on the Eighties hard rock track Souls To Sell and on Die berŁhmten drei Wrote, a cover version of German Schlager singer Andy Borg. Despite this being a really fun track, one also notices that the band also has the necessary amount of respect of the source material.

If you are into the mood of timeless rock music, you should check out the new album by Double Crush Syndrome. Itís all quite predictable and free of surprises, but not in a negative way. Sometimes I like listening to sophisticated progressive rock, but at other times I prefer easier fare, and thatís when Death To Pop comes in handy. Andy Brings and band show that they still are still unavoidable party people.

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