10 songs
46:48 minutes
***** ****
M & O


Coming from the Lorraine region, Delicate Sound Of Murder, abbreviated as DSM, are out to define the genre of post death metal. The band was founded in 2011 and self-released their eponymous debut in 2016. One year later, the quartet from Saint-Dizier has been discovered by rock and metal label M & O who now re-released the album.

DSM describe their music as a hybrid of the terms honesty, complexity, fun, violence, contrasts and love. Maybe we could also add the term modernity because DSMís music sounds quite contemporary. One of their biggest influences is Death, although DSM try to sound even more complex than the late Chuck Schuldinerís pioneering death meal band.

The musicians are playing at a very high technical level, and the songwriting turned out to be extremely varied. The songs are full of surprising twists and turns that will leave you full of astonishment. Sometimes it might sound a little weird or even chaotic, but be assured: the musicians never lose their thread. The vocals are most of the time quite harsh and rough, but are perfectly integrated into the music. The songs are generally played at an elevated breakneck pace, with occasional moments of respite. Some tracks make it to nearly eight minutes, others hardly over three minutes. One of the longer tracks is Pwrslm, probably taking its name from the powerslam move in professional wrestling, contains more ideas than many bands come up with for an entire album. If I had to come up with a comparison, I might name Voivod who have also always been open for all kinds of influences and who surprised their fanbase more than once with their love of experimenting.

It doesnít matter whether you consider DSM musical orientation contemporary or post death metal. Their music is demanding and fascinating at the same time. Despite this being only their debut, the French quartet manages to maintain a high level from beginning to end. The cover artwork may be a little unimaginative, but the music is the exact opposite. If only more bands had the same courage and joy of playing, the current music scene would be much more thrilling.

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