Dusk Of Delusion - (F)Unfair

12 songs
53:34 minutes
***** ***


There is probably no other musician who has been featured on our website with so many different bands as Matthieu Morand. The guitarist from Nancy is a member of Elvaron, Akroma, La Horde, Symakya and many more. Knowing Matthieu, it should not come as a surprise that once again he comes forward with another band, this time in a direction he hasnít checked out before. Dusk Of Delusion have been founded in 2016 and play nu metal the way it was really popular twenty years ago. Back in the days, one would have dismissed them as just another Korn or Slipknot clone, but with the passing of time, it feels somehow very nostalgic.

The album title (F)unfair is a smart pun, and while the song have rather classic structures, they still offer a good mix of rough verses and more melodic choruses. The first single is White Words, which due to its extreme chorus reminds a little of the more hectic La Horde, another of Matthieu Morandís bands. Strings On Your Arms with its chopped riffs is another highlight on the album. My favourite track is The Juggler which combines a well-known circus melody with harsh metal riffs, with a very entertaining result. Occasionally the band sounds more emotional, as on the slow and partly distorted Siamese Versatility. This also counts for the concluding Take Me which towards the end becomes more and more epic, drawing parallels to the wall of sound extravaganzas of a Devin Townsend. A better finishing track would not have been possible. And while the album is free of weak tracks, it must be said that the beginning of its second half has some pieces that donít make it over an average level. Without being failures, they still miss that certain something that made the other tracks winners.

All in all, (F)unfair is a very solid affair. I never used to be a big fan of the nu metal hype, but with some distance of time, I have come to appreciate the music more. And then it must be said that in his twenty-five years as an active musician, Matthieu Morand hasnít disappointed one single time, and why should this winning streak have been interrupted this time? Fans of (modern) metal should be delighted by this fresh sounding debut album.

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