DUST BOLT - Mass Confusion

Dust Bolt - Mass Confusion

11 songs
47:47 minutes
***** ***
Napalm Records


Bavarian thrash metal quartet Dust Bold is back with its third longplayer Mass Confusion, and continues exactly where they left off with Awake The Riot two years ago. As in the past, they play traditional thrash metal that reminds of the early days of the Bay Area scene. If you grew up with metal from the mid to late Eighties, you will be glad that there are still bands that adhere to old school thrash metal without feeling the need to follow each and every new trend.

Nowadays there are few bands that manage to add so much groove to their thrash metal, as is the case with Dust Bolt. Main ingredient is of course vintage thrash metal, and the guitar solo on Allergy is proof of the musiciansí technical prowess. Itís always and again fascinating to see how precise this band plays, despite the fast pace of the material. A certain crossover influence recalls memories of bands like Nuclear Assault, Sacred Reich and S.O.D. The vocal parts are fast and hectic, making you wonder of frontman Lenny Breuss ever stops for taking a breath. Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies and the late Keith Deen from Holy Terror are two among few other vocalists that manages such an energetic performance. The choruses that are often sung by more band members remind of the early days of thrash metal. The songs also come with mood changes that allow the band to show itself from its more brutal side. But Dust Bolt can also act differently. Take for instance Exit which starts as an acoustic ballad before turning to sludge, offering an aggressive, emotional and intense listening experience.

Dust Bolt will never win a prize for innovation. Nevertheless their music is extremely entertaining. I can very well imagine that their music is even more energetic in a live situation. Fans of true thrash metal wonít have an excuse not to like Mass Confusion.

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