DYSFUNKTION - Der alte Mann hat nein gesagt

Dysfunktion - Der alte Mann hat nein gesagt

11 songs
47:01 minutes
***** *


Dysfunktion is a relatively young band from Northern Germany who released earlier this year their debut album with the bizarre title Der alte Mann hat nein gesagt (the old man has said no). It is hard to categorise the band stylistically as they are oscillating between diskurs pop, Deutsch rock and melodic punk. The preceding lines will let you guess that Dysfunktion’s song all have German lyrics.

It is by no means Dysfunktion’s intention to write complex material. Instead they take care to aim their music at the different layers of alternative music. The mix of heavier riffs with melodic elements is successful, and most choruses turn out to be pretty catchy. As the music is not very deep, the band is running soon out of ideas. The two major concerns are therefore repetition and the fact that the band is not yet on the same level as their influences, in this case mostly Die Ärzte. Some tracks, like Lügen and Stimuli, are really well done, and Heldentat is also a great straightforward song. Other pieces don’t feel fully elaborate, like Tristesse and Die Wahl that really affect my rating. The lyrics try to be witty and socially aware, but feel at times a little naïve. 2 Meter for instance is making fun of a fat girlfriend, yet feels just like a shadow of Die Ärzte’s Elke.

One can describe the first album by Dysfunktion as quite nice but not changing the world. Most songs are alright but some pieces would have needed more work. The lyrics also need a lot of fine-tuning as this kind of music takes a lot of its charm from lyrical wit. I am convinced that some maturing will allow Dysfunktion to work much better in the future.

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