Evan Stone and the Translucent Ham Sandwich Band - Music From The Future

21 songs
44:36 minutes
***** ****


Just as weird as the band name is the music of Evan Stone and the Translucent Ham Sandwich Band. Evan Stone is a drummer from sunny California and has garnered a lot of experience as a session musician for Maynard Ferguson, Greg Adam (Tower Of Power), Toni Childs and many more.

These artists should make it obvious that Evan Stone has a jazz background. On his debut album Music From The Future, this is complemented with other genres like prog rock, psychedelic, funk and avant-garde. Apparently painting is the only art form not represented on the album. But if this music were a painting, it would resemble one of Salvador Dalí’s. Evan Stone’s live show is featuring jugglers, dancers and magicians, which was understandably not possible on CD. But even without those gimmicks, Music From The Future is still a lot of fun.

The album has twenty-one tracks, ten of which are regular songs. Furthermore there is an intro, an outro and nine interludes (phone call, animal noise, white noise on the radio,...). Stylistically the songs are located somewhere between prog rock and jazz, reminding me a little of American artists The Residents, Primus and Mr. Bungle. The funky Change might allow also some parallels to Red Hot Chili Peppers. The songs often contain strange noises that will definitely catch your attention. The first single Censor Me shows the artist’s penchant for free jazz.

The final result sounds very spontaneous, which is due to the unusual recording experience. The musicians of the ensemble had been jamming for an entire day. Six hours of music had been recorded. Evan Stone edited this down to three quarters of an hour, and then added the wind section and the vocals. It was important that the music sounded as organic as possible, and I have no doubt that this goal has been achieved. People with curious ears and an open mind will be delighted by Music From The Future.

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