Funeral Parade - FP

13 songs
42:17 minutes
***** **
M & O


Funeral Parade were founded in 2010 and according to themselves they play burlesque metal. As burlesque is a word I usually associate with the Moulin Rouge, I expected Funeral Parade to come from Paris, which was quite off the mark, as they are from the Southern cities Perpignan and Montpellier, close to the Mediterranean Sea.

The original line-up consists of Mr J on guitar, the extroverted vocalist Lenny and the rhythm section Djibii (drums) and Oliv (bass), and hasnít changed since then. A first EP came out in 2012, followed four years later by the self-released debut longplayer FP.

French rock and metal label M & O soon discovered the band and re-released the debut album two years later. This decision makes sense as Funeral Paradeís music is so special that it deserves to be heard by a wider audience. The bandís sound is determined first and foremost by the insistent female vocals, and the dramatic music fits well with that. Even though the band masters more than three chords, their music is not overly complex and rather catchy, and adorned with French lyrics. At times Funeral Parade incorporate elements of the traditional chanson franÁaise, as if Edith Piaf, Patricia Kaas and Les Rita Mitsouko were jamming together. If this sounds rather freaky, thatís because it is. Taxidermiste comes with a certain funfair flair, and the chaotic Líťmeute sounds like a sped up musical box. While the music is anything but mainstream, it is rather fetching.

Yet not all songs are winners. The mid-tempo track Corrompue is too much an exercise in kitsch and never really gets going, and Mr J also has problems finding its pace. The remaining eleven songs are really good though, and offer everything the discerning avantgarde rock fan is looking for. The cover artwork is though really bad, and looks as if it had been created by an untalented teenager in a high school art class. The font used on the back cover is so convoluted that itís harder to read than most black metal band logos.

Nevertheless is FP a very commendable first effort. Funeral Parade have chosen a very interesting music direction, and it can only be hoped that they continue on their path. There is of course still room for finetuning, but as the debut is already two years old, it is reasonable to expect that the band has remedied the little mistakes of the past. Letís hope that the successor to FP will come soon.

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