GODSLAVE - Reborn Again

Godslave - Reborn Again

13 songs
53:14 minutes
***** ****
Green Zone Music


Even though Godslave come from nearby Saarland, and have been active since 2007, I only got to know their music in 2015, and of all things with their EP Whatever We Want on which they exclusively covered songs by Status Quo, which didnít really leave a representative impression. One year later they released their fourth longplayer Welcome To The Green Zone, and now they are back with album number five, Reborn Again.

Godslave consequently follow the path set by their last album, and even though one of the guitarists has been replaced, this doesnít really have a major impact on their sound. The band is mostly at home in the thrash metal genre, although there are also occasional excursions into power metal territory. Although being a German band, they have nothing in common with the traditional Teuton thrash of the Eighties. They are more influenced by the classic Bay Area sound. The powerful title track for instance shows parallels to Metal Church more than just once. Overkill seems to be another influence, with To The Flame and Burn You All being thoroughbred thrash attacks that would have fitted well on Under The Influence.

Youíll notice from the start how tight these guys are playing. The drummer is incredibly precise, the two guitarists are harmonising exceptionally, and the bass guitar adds enough drive to whip the songs along. I especially want to point out Thrashed To The Max, a song where the title shows what to expect. This track begins and ends with Bud Spencer samples, and surprises with a doomy middle part. The concluding Jetzt erst recht comes with German lyrics, which also works very well for them. The short instrumental (Instrumental Illness) trumps with a banjo part.

And just like on the aforementioned EP, we also get this time a straight rocking track with Rock On, Man, a downright tribute to Francis Rossiís band. This may not fit so well into the overall concept of the album, but by now you should know that this is also a part of Godslave.

Reborn Again is a fresh and dynamic thrash metal album that deserves to be listened to from beginning to end. The mix of heaviness, melodies and catchiness is optimal, making this record another essential addition to Godslaveís catalogue.

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