Grave Violator - Back To The Cult

9 songs
32:44 minutes
***** ***


Finnish band Grave Violator has been founded in 2007, and after a couple of demos they are now finally ready for their first longplayer Back To The Cult. Things sound rather raw with the four Finns, with a musical orientation located somewhere between black and thrash metal. The line-up of the band has been rather stable over the years, apart from switching bass players a few years ago.

Baptized By Filthy Semen is a perfect opener that offers coarse crossover that reminds due to the thrashy guitar riffs of D.R.I.’s best times, although Grave Violator come with rougher vocals. Next up is Knife Fighter which reminds me of the early Celtic Frost. There’s even a "huh!" vocal part that used to be Tom Warrior’s trademark. The songs on the album are rather short, with six of them not even making it to three minutes. This means that they come quickly to the point and do just what every self-respecting metalhead wants to hear: a healthy dose of noise. There are also a couple of surprises. The short instrumental Accusations is only two minutes long and sounds rather bluesy and is followed by the furious title track, before the seven minute long Chambers Of Demons is killing it with a balance of raw parts and astonishingly harmonic moments. The conjuring end of the song also really works well.

Grave Violator have managed to come up with an album full of breakneck tracks. The album could of course have been a little longer, but anyone who lived through the early days of basic thrash metal will have great fun with Back To The Cult. Grave Violator are living proof that simple means can craft perfect entertainment.

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