HERR GEISHA & THE BOOBS - Book Of Mutations

Herr Geisha & The Boobs - Book Of Mutations

1 songs
47:16 minutes
***** ****
Atypeek / Dur et Doux


Since I have been a young adult, I always liked the side-filling twenty minute epic of progressive rock bands from the Seventies. Thinking up a piece of music that goes beyond what a normal pop song sounds like always felt like an achievement to me. Be it Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, Van Der Graaf Generator, Procol Harum,Ö these songs have reserved a special place in my heart.

When vinyl was replaced by digital music, first CDs and now downloads/streams, the twenty minute limit feels like an anachronism. And yet we donít come across really long compositions all that often. In the case of French trio Herr Geisha & The Boobs, itís even astonishing that they are not a progressive rock per se, even if the final result canít hide some progressive elements. Founded in Lyon in 2011, a first record came already one year later, and since then a new album every year, making Book Of Mutations their fourth effort so far. Their music feels like an amalgam of noise rock, post punk and no wave, with some blues, Caribbean flavoured math rock and progressive rock elements to spice things up. Although this single track album is for instance one single stream on Spotify, the band subdivided it into nine different sections on their Bandcamp page. Even though itís meant to be listened to in one go, these subdivisions make the listening process somewhat easier. The first part is for instance quite a melodic noise rock movement that reminds of the genre the way it sounded over twenty years ago. Itís with the nearly quarter hour long second movement that things become even more interesting, as it is playing around with motifs heard on the preceding part. The third movement is a nearly ten minute long experimental drone which is frankly my least favourite moment, although towards the end it comes with some nice and sparse guitar melodies. The final six movements feel more straightforward again, merging into one another, highlighting the compositional talent two guys and one lady have achieved over the years. Especially the last movement comes with some truly moving and elevating melodies.

If you thought that Supperís Ready and A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers have been big musical suites, you havenít heard Book Of Mutations yet. Itís quite easy to come up with a half hour long improvisation, but after repeated listening, it becomes clear that Book Of Mutations has been thoroughly composed and really is one hell of a powerful and genre defining masterpiece. Hats off for the musiciansí courage, and also for having written a truly memorable song that gives new depth to the noise rock genre.

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